Sunday, January 9, 2011

good and bad

A couple good things about Cliffe's apologetics:

(1) Cliffe is honest when he doesn't know the answer.  He will say "I ... do ... not ... know".  Unfortunately, he doesn't know the answer to a lot of the fundamental questions of life and God.  But perhaps no one has these answers either.

(2) Cliffe knows how to recognize and challenge the illogical but common belief of college students in moral relativism.  He fields a lot of different questions which all boil down to a belief in moral relativism, which is self-contradictory.

And one that's not-so-good:

(1) Cliffe uses the Kalam Cosmological Argument, that belief in God is justified because the universe began to exist, and everything that begins to exist has a cause.  This argument is flawed because the Big Bang doesn't mean that nothing existed before that.  There are many models, some with impressive science and math behind it, that have the Big Bang as just one event in a much longer, or infinite, timeline.