Friday, November 16, 2012

Cliffe at UT - last day - day 5

Cliffe Knechtle, UT Austin, November 2010
For those out on the UT West Mall this week, did you see what Cliffe and camera crew were chowing down on? If it was what they ate each day when they were there in 2010, it was Chick-fil-A. I don't blame them - it's probably the best fast-food fare. Although I wouldn't want it 5 days in a row!

Cliffe must be finishing up now at UT Austin. Soon he'll be on a plane back to Connecticut. If anyone recorded any of this week's Q&A, or remembers some of the questions, please send them to me at Thanks.

I found an online copy of Cliffe's 2010 debate against Jeremy Beahan at Michigan State University.  I'm still listening to it.  My initial reaction is that Cliffe seems to be reiterating the same canned answers he uses when doing open-air evangelism on college campuses.  From what I've heard so far, I think Cliffe is losing.  One interesting point that Jeremy raised is about free will.  Cliffe and others argue that the world must have evil and sin because he made man with free will.  Jeremy's response is that God made angels with free will, and yet they don't sin (sans Lucifer and his minions).  Also, all those who will spend eternity with God in heaven will continue to have free will, but won't sin.  So Jeremy claims that we could all be still living in Eden (a paradise) and still maintain our free will, and that the fact that there is so much suffering (which is therefore needless) shows that there is no good God.  Interesting point - I need to study this.