Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cliffe is at UT Austin again today - day 2

Cliffe Knechtle, UT Austin, November 2010
I assume yesterday was a good day for Christianity Q&A with Cliffe at UT Austin.

There are several good questions that are asked by students where Cliffe responds "Ultimately, ..." and then points successively to each of 4 fingers on one hand while he says "I ... do ... not ... know".  Then he provides his thoughts on the particular issue nonetheless. It is refreshing to see an evangelist admit when he doesn't have an answer for something.

At the end of many of his videos on YouTube, you'll see Cliffe speaking to the camera with an attractive blue house behind him, with house number 2104 on it. This is the Hill House in Austin, a Christian study center that is an easy walking distance to where Cliffe speaks on campus.  Run by Greg and Mary Jane Grooms, the Hill House is a nice casual place with a sizable Christian library offering weekly bible studies and theological discussions for both undergraduates and graduate students.

Cliffe has written 3 books.  The first one came out way back in 1986 and is called 'Give Me an Answer ... That Satisfies My Heart & My Mind'.  That is also the name of his Connecticut TV show - 'Give Me an Answer'.  It is an enjoyable book.  He followed it up with the book 'Help Me Believe: Direct Answers to Real Questions' in 2000.  Then in 2005 came 'Heaven Can't Wait', a very enjoyable book comprised of edited versions of some of Cliffe's sermons as lead pastor of Grace Community Church in New Canaan, Connecticut.