Sunday, November 11, 2012

It begins! Cliffe at UT Austin all this week

Cliffe Knechtle, UT Austin, November 2010
Don't miss Cliffe Knechtle all this week (November 12-16, 2012) at the University of Texas at Austin!  He begins his open-air preaching at noon, usually near the steps underneath the UT Tower on the West Mall, and stays out often until 4 or 5pm.

It's fascinating to watch Cliffe interact with the small crowd that gathers, mostly undergraduates.  Cliffe has a booming voice that makes it seem like he's using a microphone, but it's just his natural voice.

I'm sort of a Cliffe groupie.  I've seen Cliffe speak on various campuses sporadically over the past 20 years.  I used to live in Austin.  I enjoy the apologetics discussions so much that I would fly back to Austin this week if it were feasible.

Cliffe has a weekly apologetics show on Connecticut television called Give Me An Answer.  Much of the material for this half-hour show comes from his annual visit to UT Austin.  You can see these shows on YouTube.  Search for 'Cliffe Knechtle' and all the Give Me An Answer videos come up.  They're very interesting to watch.

Cliffe and his camera crew have a favorite restaurant at UT Austin for lunch.  If you're on campus, find him on the West Mall and see what it is.

Check back here each day, because I'll have a lot more to say on Cliffe, his preaching style, and the questions that are often posed to him.