Sunday, July 19, 2015

Why is Cliffe hard on America?

Cliffe wonders sometimes why God withholds his judgment against America.  I assume Cliffe feels that the moral fabric of the United States has deteriorated significantly in the last several decades, and that God may soon remove His protective hand over America.  I understand this point, and I also agree that in many ways America seems to be in moral decline.  I do however believe we romanticize earlier times in America perhaps too much.  It wasn’t all Norman Rockwell.  We think of the manners we had, we think of the chivalry, we think of the general God-fearing we had.  But what about the sexism?  What about the racism?  Both were arguably worse in the past.  And what about the wanton violence in the Prohibition era and the Wild West?

The truth is, if God judges or protects nations based on their goodness, wouldn’t America still today be near the end of the line among the 200+ nations to be judged?  What about all the nations where believing in the name of Jesus as Lord is persecuted or even outlawed?